Teaching While Queer where queer teachers belong.

 Teaching While Queer began as a podcast in Summer 2022 with the goal of connecting Queer Educators through storytelling. In February 2024, the first meeting of our Board of Directors occurred launching us in a new direction to better support queer educators worldwide.

Our Mission

 Teaching While  Queer seeks to create safe schools and communities where every educator can teach, every family can belong, and every child can learn regardless of actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity.

Our Vision

 Teaching While  Queer believes that all educators and youth deserve to feel safe and welcome in our schools and communities.

Our Values


We believe in the power of authentic connection and community by fostering the wellbeing of Queer educators, honoring lived experiences, promoting safety within school communities, offering resources, and a safe space.


We provide support for all Queer educators through mentorship, coaching, financial support, crisis mitigation, and referrals to resources TWQ is unable to accommodate.


We create culturally responsive classrooms and communities by  elevating the pillars of diversity, inclusion, equity, access, justice, and belonging by interrupting the historical systems of power at every level.


Equity is at the center of our pedagogy. We provide professional development opportunities which promote collaboration toward innovative solutions to challenges, helping to enhance queer educator's problem solving skills thus promoting educational independence for their students.